A study to assess the knowledge on weaning practice among postnatal mothers

Beautily V (1)
(1) Department of Child Health Nursing, Saveetha College of Nursing, SIMATS Thandalam, Chennai 602105, Tamilnadu, India, India


The purpose of the study was to assess the knowledge regarding weaning among the working mothers and to find the association between the level of knowledge regarding weaning among mothers of infant with their selected demographic variables. Descriptive approach will be used to conduct the study. Non experimental descriptive design will be adopted for the study. Study was conducted in selected area at kuthambakkam. The mothers who are having infants and residing in kuthambakkam. The mother who has only one baby, whose age is less than one year, was the study samples. The sample size was 30 mothers of infant. The sampling technique adopted for the study was non probability purposive sampling. Regarding demographic data 25 (83.33%) women are between the age of 24-30 years, most of them are having 1-2 (86.66%) number of children.   Family  status in that 27 (90%)   of the women they are in middle class family and the religious 20(66.66%) of the women they are in Hindu. Out of 30 women in that 21 (70) of the women they are having female baby. Regarding the level of knowledge 22 (73.33%) women’s are having adequate knowledge, 5(16.66%) women’s are having moderate knowledge and then 3(10%) women’s are having inadequate knowledge. The association was done by using chi-square test there is significant association between knowledge with variable education and occupation at p = (0.05) significant levels. There is no significant difference with other demographic variables.

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Beautily V
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Beautily V. (2020). A study to assess the knowledge on weaning practice among postnatal mothers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 3601–3605. Retrieved from https://ijrps.com/home/article/view/809

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