Agnihotra-Yagya and numinous sound -Prototyping strategy for pandemic prevention

Pratiksha P. Rathod (1)
(1) Department of Prasutitantra-Strirog(Ayurveda Obstetrics and Gynecology), MGACH, Datta Meghe University of health sciences, Wardha, Maharashtra, India, India


Ayurveda management comprises of three categories, Yuktivyapashrya includes medication, Daivavypashray are Divine therapies and Satvavajay deals with mental health. Agnihotra -Yagya is one of the therapies of divine management. It is fire offering of medicinal herbs along with cyclic uttering of Sanskrit words by experts.  Present study aims to provide prototype of strategy for pandemic prevention. Numinous sound in form of Mantra  along with mechanical heating of Agnihotra produces shorter wavelength of electromagnetic spectrum range and set certain vibrations in presence of solar energy at tissue level which inactivate the viruses and other microorganism present in inner as well as outer environment. Relevant literature was searched and incorporated in the study. Agnihotra,Yagya, Mantra,  electromagnetic waves and others were the main words used for the search.Putting medicinal substances in Agnihotra fire is a scientific method of transformation of matter into energy and the process may be referred as sublimation. It can be postulated that there is generation of electromagnetic spectrum under the influence of solar energy and sonic potential of Mantra, the numinous sound. Interaction between microwaves and biological tissues draws solution to inactivate airborne viruses thus creating certain vibrations converting the whole process into a scientific operation involving each tissue of human body along with minute particles of surrounding environment.Considering its multi-dimensional aspects, at small scale, Agnihotra can be recommended at homes, hospitals, public places in presence of experts on daily or weekly basis. By adapting this ritual with scientific perspective, pandemics can be prevented. It is difficult to test combined therapeutic effect of all medications used in Agnihotra. With the evidences suggesting antimicrobial, Neuro-dynamic and spiritual effects, Agnihotra cannot be ignored by young scholars.

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Pratiksha P. Rathod (Primary Contact)
Pratiksha P. Rathod. (2020). Agnihotra-Yagya and numinous sound -Prototyping strategy for pandemic prevention . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11((SPL 1), 1063–1068. Retrieved from

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