A review on Pellets - A Drug Delivery System

Bharath Kumar A. (1) , Girendra Kumar Gautam (2) , Syed Salman B. (3)
(1) Research Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutics, Bhagwant University, Sikar Rd, Ajmer – 305 004, Rajasthan, India, India ,
(2) Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shri Ram College of Pharmacy, Muzaffarnagar – 251 001, Uttar Pradesh, India, India ,
(3) Department of Pharmaceutics, Mahathi College of Pharmacy, CTM Cross Road, Madanapalle – 517 325, Andhra Pradesh, India, India


Pellets are defined as the spherical or semispherical solid dosages form with the free-flowing property whose size ranges from 500-1500µm. In recent days the pellets are being developed as immediate, modified and controlled release dosage forms due to their enormous range of advantages, i.e. in terms of both technological and therapeutical aspects. In the pelletization technique, fine powder of the active ingredient along with the excipients undergoes agglomeration to produce a small spherical or semispherical solid unit, i.e. pellets. There is various technique for the formulation of the pellet with including drug layering, spray drying and congealing, cryopelletization, hotmelt extrusion and freeze pelletization. The major aim of this paper is to review some general aspects regarding the pellet and pelletization technique like Drug Layering Technique, Spray Drying and Congealing, Cryopelletization, Extrusion Spheronisation, Hot Melt Extrusion, Freeze Pelletization along with their advantages, disadvantages and its application. This review also discussed the evaluation parameter like Shape and surface morphology, and pellets flow property, particle size distribution, porosity, friability, hardness, loss on drying, drug release studies, drug content of pellet, stability studies, moisture content of pellet, drug and excipients compatibility studies, report on the marketed product of pellet and a various patent on pellet.

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Bharath Kumar A.
bkreddy9479@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Girendra Kumar Gautam
Syed Salman B.
Bharath Kumar A., Girendra Kumar Gautam, & Syed Salman B. (2020). A review on Pellets - A Drug Delivery System. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 8169–8180. Retrieved from https://ijrps.com/home/article/view/1553

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